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Using a Crystal Pendulum

Using a Crystal Pendulum

1 Jan 2022

Fed up with those pesky how do I move forward questions!!
Do you want to work out what goals are in alignment with you?? 

Its easy to tap into your knowing and get intuitive guidance with a pendulum. Goldstone Pendulums are particularly good for questions of goals, motivation and moving forward.

You can ask your pendulum YES/ NO questions for guidance.

I know you’re wondering….
Exactly how Do I go about asking my pendulum questions for guidance.

Well I like to hold my pendulum between my thumb and index finger ….using which ever hand is the most comfortable and holdIng it over my other hand, I let the natural vibrations of my body move with the pendulum keeping my arm and hand as still as possible.

I believe it’s all about getting out of your head and into your body and creating an energetic connection to the pendulum.

For many of us closing our eyes and taking a couple of deep breaths will help us drop out of our heads into our bodies and relax.

The most important part is to ascertain which way the pendulum swings as a “Yes” answer for you and which way it swings as a “No” answer for you, which sometimes can differ from person to person and also pendulum to pendulum.

What people don’t know is that pendulums will pick up on the subtle vibrations from your subconscious or your “knowing”, which will in turn cause the pendulum to swing. The swings can go back and forth, side to side, anti clockwise and clockwise or if it’s not moving it’s because it doesn’t know the answer or maybe even you’re not ready for the answer yet!!

So ask your pendulum in your head or out loud which way is a “Yes” for you and which way is a “No” for you.

Once you know which way the pendulum swings for “Yes” and “No” then you can practice by asking a question that you know is a definite “Yes” for you.

Sometimes it may take a little while to get going, just be patient, have fun with your pendulum, hang out with it, keep it in your energy field so you can build your connection to it and really tap into your own guidance… who would have thought pendulums could be so useful!?

Goldstone Crystal is known for attaining goals, uplifting your energy and bringing you back to your centre. It’s working with your Sacral Chakra, which is your creative energy centre.

We have Goldstone Crystal Pendulum and other pendulums available in the shop or online.

Keep an eye out for our Blog on cleansing and charging crystals..which is great practice to do regularly with all your crystals.